2010 Deep Blue Designs  -  Handcrafted Wooden Fish by Nathan Burtenshaw

Deep Blue Designs came about after I had a go at making a wooden fish for myself one day. I enjoyed the process so much that I thought I would make some more. People liked the carvings and I started to sell a few so I came up with Deep Blue Designs. The whole project is still very much only a hobby for me at present, but one which I would like to make more of a commercial venture in the future if the demand for my work allows.

As such all of my carvings are made at home in my spare time which means that a fish can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months to complete depending on how much spare time I have. That said if specifically making a fish for someone I will always try to find the time to complete the job in a timely matter. The carvings on this website are currently not for sale, but rather serve as an example of my work - in fact many of the examples on this site have already been sold. I will in the future add the facility to purchase available carvings directly from this website. In the meantime if you are interested in purchasing a carving then contact me and I can carve one for you.

I also have some carvings for sale in several locations around Kaikoura; at Southern Paua Ltd, Pacific Jewels, The Beach House Café and Hunting & Fishing Kaikoura.

All of my carvings are individually carved freehand which means that no two carvings are the same. Each carving is created out of a single slab of timber and sanded to a smooth finish then rubbed down with oil to bring out the natural character and colour of the timber. I use an exterior oil so that the carving can be hung indoors or outdoors, however I would recommend that they not be positioned in direct sunlight to prevent possible splitting.

I generally do not hold a lot of carvings in stock, but usually do carry a stock of timber for carving. If you would like to commission a carving then contact me with the details of the species, size and timber you would like and I can give you a quote and make the carving for you. You can even supply your own timber and I'll carve it for you.  

Although I specialise in New Zealand species of fish, whales and dolphin I am not strictly limited to these and will carve any species of fish or will consider whatever else you might like carved. It is also worth mentioning here that I am always on the look out for slabs of timber to make my carvings from. If you have any timber (preferably NZ native) that you would like to sell please feel free to contact me.

Blue Cod - Totara

Flounder - Walnut