Deep Blue

2010 Deep Blue Designs  -  Handcrafted Wooden Fish by Nathan Burtenshaw

The Bone Art Place

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Square 130x126


Butterfish, (Odax pullus), is a kelp fish found throughout New Zealand in water of up to 10 m deep. Most commonly found in the South Island. Adult fish are dark olive green with a paler line along the side. Often called “greenbone” from the fact that the bones and the flesh in contact with them are stained bright bluish-green. Usually 35-45 cm and 1-1.5 kg, can reach 60 cm in length. Butterfish are herbivorous. Young fish migrate to deeper waters as they grow bigger and change sex from female to male when over 35 cm long. A prime eating fish with soft, fine-flaked delicate flesh.

Butterfish carved from South Island West Coast Totara - 610mm in length.