Deep Blue

2010 Deep Blue Designs  -  Handcrafted Wooden Fish by Nathan Burtenshaw

The Bone Art Place

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Square 130x126


The large-bellied seahorse, (Hippocampus abdominalis), is one of the largest seahorse species, growing up to 35 centimetres. It is widespread around New Zealand. Maori know it as manaia. Seahorses are often found around seaweed, using their prehensile tail to grip. They can swim, but rather slowly, using their pectoral fins on the side of their heads. Shape and colouring help to camouflage seahorses from predators and also allow them to ambush prey – mainly small crustaceans. Males carry the developing eggs and very small young in a special abdominal pouch.

Seahorse carved from Macrocarpa - 425mm tall.