Deep Blue

2010 Deep Blue Designs  -  Handcrafted Wooden Fish by Nathan Burtenshaw

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Square 130x126

Bluenose Warehou

Bluenose Warehou, (Hyperoglyphe antarctica), are widespread around New Zealand, usually over rocky ground in depths of 100-500 m. They have dark metallic blue-black to grey on the back of the body, shading to silver blue on the sides and belly.  Bluenose is distinguised by a blunt snout and laterally compressed body with large eyes set low in the head. Usually 60-100 cm and 5-6 kg they can reach 130 cm and 20 kg. Found near deep rocky reefs they venture up off the bottom at night. Bluenose eat a varied diet which includes fish, crustaceans, squid and jellyfish. A prime eating fish with firm pinkish and moist flesh.

Bluenose Warehou carved from Recycled Heart Rimu - 540mm in length.